Aja Blair – Operations & Special Projects Manager, Advocacy
Alex Gudich – Legislative Communications Director
Alexandra Ozols – Director of Executive Communications
Amanda Strickland – Digital Content Creator, Marketing
Amber Soto – Executive Assistant, Marketing
Angela Grigoryan – Senior Director, Finance
Anisa Sirur – Director of Legal
Annie Whalen – Senior Manager & Special Projects, Development
Bill Heiser – Senior Director of Research and Implementation
Britton Smith – Senior Director, Memberships
Cassandra Cean Owens – Program Associate, Policy & Law
Corey Williams – Director, Information Technology
Cristin Klein – Senior Director, Communications
David Bowser – Director, Campaign Operations
Derrell Frazier – Membership Manager, Memberships
Debbie Mesloh – Chief Communications Officer
Emily Mooney – Senior Policy Manager, Policy & Law
Erica “EJ” Jackson – Senior Events Manager, Marketing
Erin Haney – Senior Director, Policy & Law
Herico Aiten – Executive Assistant, Policy & Law
Ita Obara – Social Media Manager, Marketing
Jamie Newsome – Director, Research & Implementation
Jasmine Wadsworth – Chief of Staff, Advocacy
Jerri Vega – Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO
Jessica Tenenbaum – Development Associate
Jillian Ojeda – Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO
Joseph Jones, Operations Manager, Operations
Kacie Dillon – Senior Manager, People & Culture
Keah Clayton – Project Associate, Advocacy
Kelli Payne – Senior Director, Development
Kenny Foster – Digital Director, Marketing
Korey Johnson – Regional Director (South)
Laureen Mobley – Finance Manager, Finance
Lillian Jones – Social Video Manager, Marketing
Malina Mukuma – Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing
Melissa Manley – Research Associate, Research & Implementation
Nicole Grant – Deputy Director, Policy & Law
Rachel Goldstein – Senior Implementation Manager, Research & Implementation
Roxanne Jackson – Regional Director (Midwest)
Shad Jackson – Executive Assistant, Memberships
Shorrell Willis – Social Media Manager (CEO), Marketing
Stephanie Diamond – Research Manager, Research & Implementation
Tamiko Evans – Managing Director, Marketing
Tia Hill – Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO
Tralisha Corbitt – Deputy Director, Memberships
Trevor Scotland – Managing Director, Corporate Engagement, Development
Ven Gopal – Legislative Communications Manager, Communications

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