Laura Arnold is the co‐founder and co‐chair of Arnold Ventures, a national philanthropy focused on maximizing opportunity and minimizing injustice through public policy change. For the past 10 years, Laura, her husband John, and their team have worked to advance bipartisan policy solutions to complex problems in America’s criminal justice, health care, education, and democratic systems.
Before founding Arnold Ventures, Laura served as a corporate lawyer and executive in the energy industry. A native of Puerto Rico, she earned her J.D. from Yale Law School, M.Phil. in European Studies from the University of Cambridge, and B.A. from Harvard College.
Laura has been a leading voice in criminal justice reform, advocating for solutions to fix a system that she has described as deeply broken, inefficient, and unjust. She also is the host of the podcast, “Deep Dive with Laura Arnold” which explores evidence‐based policy change.

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