REFORM CEO speaks on Chauvin Conviction

April 20, 2021 News

“The conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd underscores that safety is a luxury many African-Americans never have a chance to access. Our current criminal justice system’s inherent biases in the disparate incarceration of Black and Brown people and the continued assault on their freedom through arbitrary parole and probation rules must change. We’re living in a time when most Americans finally agree that our justice system is broken: it is too costly, too biased, too ineffective, and it de-stabilizes communities.

“At REFORM Alliance, we believe public safety is a basic human right and should be extended to every resident in every city across America. Now is the time for us to change the systems and practices that have excluded communities from true safety, stability, and trust.”

Robert Rooks
REFORM Alliance