REFORM Alliance believes in a justice system that prioritizes both public safety and rehabilitation. The Second Chances New York agenda from New Yorkers United for Justice will help reduce unjust barriers to reentry and ensure that all New Yorkers have a fair chance to succeed.

The Second Chance Agenda for New York reimagines the path home for incarcerated New Yorkers by prioritizing fairness, public safety, and cost-saving, data-driven solutions to improve the lives of returning citizens and keep our communities safe. This transformative agenda, developed by New Yorkers United for Justice (NYUJ), is a package of legislative proposals that will reduce recidivism and incarceration rates, enhance public safety, and cut wasteful public spending.

The Second Chance Agenda for New York is composed of four legislative proposals that will expand data-driven reentry services; reduce needlessly harsh and lengthy prison sentences; remove barriers to reentry with “clean slate” record sealing; and improve the state’s criminal justice data system.

“Ensuring people feel they have a place in society is key to making communities safe and reducing incarceration. We must provide people coming home from prison access to the services and support they need to succeed. The Second Chances Agenda is a critical step toward creating real public safety and an inclusive economy throughout New York. We urge lawmakers in Albany and community members across the state to come together and support this holistic approach to safety, wellbeing, and stability.”

-Robert Rooks
Chief Executive Officer
REFORM Alliance