New Morning Consult/REFORM Poll Reveals Widespread Support for Probation, Parole Changes

WASHINGTON, DC  – A new public opinion survey conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of REFORM Alliance shows voters in all regions of the country back reforms to the probation and parole systems.
The survey, which was conducted with 5,800 registered voters across 8 states, found that a majority of voters in most of the surveyed states believe the probation and parole systems need change and support proposals to reform each. For example:


  • After learning that there are 4.5 million people under probation or parole supervision in the U.S., a majority in 6 of the 8 states think it is important to reduce the number of people on probation or parole supervision.
    • This includes 60% of voters in Georgia, where one of every 18 adults is on community supervision, 59% of voters in Mississippi, and 58% of voters in New York.


  • After learning that the U.S. spends roughly $9.3 billion each year incarcerating people for violating the conditions of their probation or parole, a plurality of voters in all 8 states think the U.S. spends too much on incarcerating people for violating the conditions of their probation or parole.
    • This includes 49% of voters in Georgia, 48% of voters in California, and 46% of voters in Louisiana.
  • At least half of voters would be more likely to support a public official who wants to reform the probation and parole system in 7 of the 8 states.
    • This includes 57% of voters in California, 56% of voters in Georgia, and 53% of voters in Mississippi.


  • Perhaps most importantly, a majority of voters in all 8 states support a series of commonsense recommendations for reforming probation and parole. Ideas such as:
    • Allowing remote probation reporting;
    • Decreasing caseloads for probation officers;
    • Providing a mentorship program for those on parole or probation;
    • Investing savings into reentry programs; and
    • Rewarding good behavior


Voters in California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, New York, Michigan, and Mississippi took part in the survey.

About REFORM Alliance


The REFORM Alliance is committed to advancing criminal justice reform and eradicating laws and policies that perpetuate injustice in the United States. To achieve that objective, REFORM will pass probation bills at the state level, use media to amplify the need for comprehensive reform and build an inclusive, bipartisan alliance of leaders who share a vision for ambitiously and efficiently transforming the criminal justice system.


REFORM’s founding partners include award-winning recording artist Meek Mill; Philadelphia 76ers partner and Fanatics Executive Chairman Michael Rubin; entrepreneur and business mogul Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter; Kraft Group CEP and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft; Brooklyn Nets co-owner and philanthropic investor Clara Wu Tsai; Third Point LLC CEO and founder Daniel S. Loeb; Galaxy Digital CEO and founder Michael E. Novogratz; Vista Equity Partners founder, chairman, and CEO Robert F. Smith; Arnold Ventures co-founder Laura Arnold. CNN host, author and activist Van Jones serves as the organization’s CEO.